Sierra L. Profile Thumb

Sierra L.

1 hour ago

It was pretty good. I moved out because my roommates were as well but overall the apartment was spacious and nice. Not too much noise and no loud music.

Robert M. Profile Thumb

Robert M.

17 hours ago

It is a pretty great place to live honestly. I don’t really have many complaints, even through COVID I can honestly say my experience hasn’t been bad at all compared to most places

Hi Robert, We are so glad you have had a wonderful experience! We look forward to another great year! High view Management.

Geeana E. Profile Thumb

Geeana E.

5 days ago

my year at high view was okay. however there are plenty of things that could be fixed and many things that need to be addressed management wise.

Hi Geeana, Thank you for your honest review. Our new management team welcomes your feedback. Please send us an email at and we would be happy to hear your concerns. High View Management

Janice N. Profile Thumb

Janice N.

5 days ago

it was nice living here for the past three years. i had a good experience. went through a lot of different management. the first year i was here the management wasn’t the best but the 2nd year was better.

Hi Janice, Thank you for your feedback. Our new team looks forward to providing you with a great experience moving forward. High View Management

Reema R. Profile Thumb

Reema R.

11 days ago

great, very friendly staff only one thing i hated was the mail system. very rude regarding mails. overall very friendly neighborhood and nice people

Hi Reema, Thank you for your review. We are glad you have had positive interactions with our staff. Our mail system is ran by a 3rd party, we will make sure they understand your frustrations and will work to provide better services. Your High View Team

Jacaria S. Profile Thumb

Jacaria S.

12 days ago

I lived here for 4 years and the management and office staffed changed a lot which I didn’t care for but other than that this place was a good living space.

Jacaria, Thank you for your honest review. The new management team looks forward to providing you with stability and great customer service. Your High View Team