Hannah B. Profile Thumb

Hannah B.

3 hours ago

Residences are quite. I haven't heard any of my neighbors beside me. Though there is a possibility those units aren't filled. Staff is hard working despite lots of problems with new residents moving in.

Brittny T. Profile Thumb

Brittny T.

8 hours ago

So far i have had a good experience; however there were a few issues with my apartment and some of the equipment in it that need to be fixed.

Janely R. Profile Thumb

Janely R.

9 hours ago

High view place has very nice apartments. In my opinion, the rooms are nice but small. Also, I don't like that there is very little parking and you have to have renters insurance.

Eiko J. Profile Thumb

Eiko J.

1 day ago

Great place! Only few maintenance issues when moving in, but overall I've had a good experience so far. I definitely recommend living at this student housing.

Joana V. Profile Thumb

Joana V.

3 days ago

The move in process is a bit vague. They should tell you upfront what your total rent amount will be, but they don’t do that. Instead I had to constantly call and ask about the total balance.

Javier G. Profile Thumb

Javier G.

3 days ago

It was real smooth and easy. I went From an apartment that took forever to do anything. The apartment is also so nice for the price. Overall it was a good experience.

Cameron H. Profile Thumb

Cameron H.

5 days ago

It’s been great the staff the help you receive and how timely it is. All of it is fantastic & I appreciate you guys for giving us that feeling.

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