Lydia Profile Thumb


2 days ago

The apartments are very nice. I love my room and bathroom. The only issues I would say is the windows in the rooms dont have screens and there are small roaches in the kitchen (roommates have called maintenance but they havent come yet).

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Anne Oceane

2 days ago

So far so good. I have amazing Roomates , the staff os very friendly and the community is clean. It is easy to find an empty parking spot near your house do no need to buy a covered parking.

Kendall Profile Thumb


2 days ago

i like it here for personal reasons. every store i’d need to go to is less than 10 minutes from here, so the location is perfect. and i have a puppy so the fact that it’s pet friendly is great

Victor Profile Thumb


3 days ago

Some of our stuff wasn’t fixed when moving in but will be fixed soon, I hoped that once we moved in that everything would have already been done.

Gabrielle Profile Thumb


3 days ago

So far I'm enjoying the place, the only downside right now is that everything in my room seemed a little dirty like the person before me didn't clean and neither did apartment staff. And the other is, I still don't have internet yet which I was excited about but I have to wait until all my resident login info is inputted with the companies.

Luis Profile Thumb


3 days ago

No problems. Its good. I like the location and the views it offers. I like the peace and quiet that this location offers. Do not have problems with neighbors or anyone else.

Katherine Profile Thumb


10 days ago

Good amenities, good location. Staff is friendly and they stay open for a good time. It’s gotten better since the change in management. Okay bye !

Hi Katherine! Thank you for the positive review! We hope you enjoy the rest of the semester here at High View!

Tasnim Profile Thumb


16 days ago

Highview's such a nice place to stay at! It's so comfortable for a student and convenient in all ways. Hoping High View continues being as great as I have experienced it!

Hi Tasnim, Thank you for your positive feedback. We are happy to have you as a resident for another year!