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Jaxon W. Profile Thumb

Jaxon W.

11 hours ago

All is well. Good communication and friendly staff. The process was simple and timely. Appreciate staff going above to make sure things were good.

Taylor D. Profile Thumb

Taylor D.

12 hours ago

Besides the upstairs neighbors occasionally walking with their heels, it’s generally quiet here with a nice walking path for my dog (I do wish more people would clean poop up though). Nice sized room as well.

Roberto L. Profile Thumb

Roberto L.

5 days ago

High view apartment have been my favorite apartments that I have lived at. The staff is always really nice and helpful when I have a question and the maintenance is always taken care of.

Hope V. Profile Thumb

Hope V.

5 days ago

High View has had its ups and downs for me. Overall it's been a great place but I do wish management was more involved. I would ask questions or put in requests and never heard back. I would have to call or go into the office before I got any answers. I tried messaging on the app and emailing and heard nothing.

Breajee M. Profile Thumb

Breajee M.

20 days ago

The apartments are good quality for the price. My favorite thing is how helpful and responsive the staff is! Any questions, concerns, and suggestions are heard and considered :)

Hello Breajee, thank you so much for your honest and glowing review!

Victoria N. Profile Thumb

Victoria N.

20 days ago

I have overall had a good experience here. Maintenance does not respond very fastly. Our door was broken for four days before being fixed. And we’ve had multiple other issues but overall it hasn’t been a bad experience.

Hello Victoria, we appreciate your honest review and want to make this experience an overall great experience! Please let us know how we can help.

Trang H. Profile Thumb

Trang H.

1 month ago

I have roaches in my room and coming out of the drain multiple times right when i move in and after having pesticides treatment. It just a temporary fix

Hello Trang, thank you for leaving this honest review. We would like to address this issue you are having, can you please email with more details so that we are able to help you accordingly.

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